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How Did Computer Technology Revolutionize User and Technical Documentation?

By implementing computerized digital technical documentation and user manuals, manufacturers of complex systems were presented with several documentation solutions.

Converting paper manuals into files on storage hard drives allowed entire libraries of information to be stored in a single database. Every database had to be organized and indexed to allow users access to the information.

This allowed the developers to divide sections by different criteria that the end user could use as reference points when performing searches.

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This would become known as “keywords”. End users could search by task, products, materials, rankings or models. With the introduction of AI (artificial intelligence) the software could organize and prioritize each search result.

What would previously take hours of searching by hand is now available at a click of a button. In addition to organizing how the end user could search the database, the developer could control what each user was allowed to view, especially when dealing with sensitive material. The manufacturer could restrict access of material to unauthorized users.


This proved beneficial in protecting sensitive material, but also assisted the end users by narrowing their search result to items that only pertained to their task. Maintenance crews only saw information relevant to maintaining. Operation crews only saw information relevant to operating, and so on.

Who should I trust with improving my products’ user and technical manuals?

In today’s competitive landscape, companies are constantly looking for ways to gain an edge over the competition.


Amarel specializes in simplifying advanced complex systems in order to create an environment where end users have the required knowledge to properly perform their tasks.

user and technical manuals

Amarel’s proprietary Digital Supporting Documents achieve this goal with the following solutions:

  • The technical documentation can be divided into specific tasks and fields, so the end user only sees the material needed to fulfill their specific objective.
  • Smart search engine features enable the end user to find the required information in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Multimedia capabilities, including highlighted images, videos, GIFs and flow charts allow information to be simplified and easily absorbed.
  • Live updating and editing (HTML5) make sure all end users are using the latest version the technical documentation.
user and technical manuals

When comparing Amarel to the competition, you quickly find out that while many content creators can provide you with some of the features, Amarel is the only one that can offer you everything necessary to provide your clients with the best user experience.

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