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Interactive Electronic Documentation

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Complex systems don’t need complex technical documentation.


AmarelUS specializes in simplifying advanced complex systems to create an environment where end-users have the required knowledge to properly perform their tasks. Our IETM achieves this goal with the following solutions:


    • A central live database (HTML5) for all technical documentation that can easily be divided into specific tasks and fields, so the end-user only sees the information relevant to their specific task.
    • Smart search features enable the end-user to find the required information in a fast and efficient manner.
    • Multimedia capabilities, including highlightable images, videos, GIFS, and flow charts, create a learnable environment where systems are easily identified and maintenance and operation solutions are provided efficiently.
    • Live updating and editing ensure that every user receives the latest relevant information for their needs.

Product launches can be stressful. Let us simplify the process

Every product launch requires proper supporting documentation. Unfortunately, this crucial task is usually postponed until the release deadline. AmarelUS has a dedicated team of technical writers and practical engineers who are experienced in obtaining the necessary information from your development team to deliver supporting IETM, allowing companies to focus on the final stages of product development.


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Is there a way to measure the technical documentation value?

Most technical documentation today are in PDF form, which is limited and outdated. In today’s competitive landscape, companies are constantly searching for innovative ways to gain advantages over their competition. Finding ways to increase revenue from new avenues can be the difference between turning or not turning a profit. Our IETM allows your company to monetize its technical documentation by monitoring traffic and engagement, create trackable links to replacement parts either within your eco system or to a certified 3rd party affiliate, and efficiently update links to new products and services.


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Hiring and maintaining a technical support team is time consuming and expensive

Labor shortages greatly effect a company’s ability to hire qualified support personnel. Once hired, training team members is time consuming and expensive. Every moment spent supporting a customer could be time spent on developing and innovating new products. AmarelUS’ IETM allows the technician and the end-user to identify and resolve issues faster and more efficiently. XML web-based documentation makes sure all parties are viewing the same information. Digital catalogs take the guess work out of identifying parts, and reduce errors when ordering new parts. Our platform has been shown to greatly reduce the call duration and frequency the end-user engages with the technical support team.


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